Multi-tasking — Good or Bad?

Elizabeth LaManna, Cello Instructor at the Lesson Studio











By Elizabeth Avery LaManna

Is the mind able to be ‘present’ and focused on more than one thing at a time?
What does it take to play an instrument and make music?
Where is the focus and where is one ‘present’?

It seems to me, Music Making is an extreme multi-tasking activity. Yet to be a part of the music magic you have to stay focused in a zone separate from the multi-tasking demands.

That means your practice has to really be productive. All the little parts of playing the instrument need to become natural, accurate, automatic and reliable – ie – the means of making your music are second nature. And all those little individual parts need your complete attention in practice, one at a time. Practice becomes so much fun when attention and intention are clear and defined. Repetition is only valuable when the task is being well defined and executed.

So make your practice a time of clarity when you seek and drill carefully. Take the challenges in such tiny bits and slowly practice so that you can master the tasks you set before yourself. You will find success and things will stick with you and become your foundation.

Remember, in practice you are always an artist at work.


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2 Responses to “Multi-tasking — Good or Bad?”

  1. Kathy Tucker Says:

    Hello – I’m looking for an instructor for my 11-year-old daughter, who wants to switch from viola to cello. If you have openings, would you contact me at the email below? The contact form through the lesson studio does not seem to work. Thanks! Kathy

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