The Importance of “Jamming”

By Casey Cormier, Guitar instructor at The Lesson Studio

Musicians of all ages can benefit greatly from collaborating with other musicians, no matter what age or level of playing experience.  Private lessons in a one-on-one setting are paramount to developing technique and learning the fundamentals of music theory, but outside of that half or full hour block of time what can be done to improve?  A daily practice routine, as well as a weekly “jam” session with other musicians, is a great way to further any player’s abilities in an efficient manner.  For a violinist, this could mean playing with a quartet of other string players (cello, viola, other violinist).  For a drummer, this could mean joining or forming a rock band.  Vocalists can get in on the fun too, finding a pianist to accompany them or another vocalist to offer harmonies.

One major obstacle in getting the budding musician involved with collaborative music making:  self confidence!  In part this is the instructor’s job, to reassure the student that, at any level, they can participate in a jam session, even if it’s just playing one note per measure.  But some responsibility must be put upon the student to make that initial step.  Programs such as the Rock Band and Bluegrass ensembles, put on by The Lesson Studio, can help make this step an easier one, with the support of an experienced music instructor guiding the budding players towards musical cohesion.  Even if it’s just one other musician to play with for an hour a week, in between private lessons and solo practice time, the benefits are immeasurable.

Casey Cormier, Guitar Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Casey Cormier


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