Summer: To Practice or Not to Practice

By Beth Barnadyn, Violin & Viola Instructor at the Lesson Studio

Beth Barnadyn, violin & viola instructor at The Lesson Studio

Beth Barnadyn

The summer is one of the hardest times for music students, young and old alike, to find time to practice.  So many outdoor activities, vacations, concerts, and visitors make the thought of practicing boring, daunting, or uninteresting.   Certainly it is hard to sit down and practice scales when the mountains beckon you for a summertime hike.  It can certainly become easy to put off’ practicing until the Fall, when things have settled down.  Summer has a way of getting into your mind and seducing you away from any kind of work, even if the rewards are great.

So how do you combat the difficulties of summer practicing?  One of the most effective tools is to set aside some time everyday, or every other day, just for practicing.  The best time to practice is in the morning, when your mind is fresh, and you have the prospect of the rest of the day to motivate you.  You can’t truly enjoy an activity or outing if you know that you haven’t practiced at all lately.   Just thirty minutes or less is all you need, and you can continue to progress without feeling like you are missing out on all the summer has to offer.

Another great way to maintain your music skills during the summer is to set up jam sessions with other musicians.  You can invite them over for a barbeque or other activity, and just enjoy playing music together.  After all, isn’t the joy of music being able to play with others and have a good time?  So don’t brush off practicing or playing for the summer–embrace it.  Music is a gift, not a burden.


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2 Responses to “Summer: To Practice or Not to Practice”

  1. soundsorceress Says:

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    I love what Beth has to say near the end about summer jamming; it’s a great way to spend your practice time doing FUN things. Incidentally, the Wednesday night VoiceLab (which is resuming this week), is just such a fun group activity for singers offered right here in Ferndale. Overall, though, don’t be afraid to hit the refresh button on your practice routine and invent new ways to make yourself look forward to it.

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