On why I love music

By Josh Kossman, Guitar, Instructor at the Lesson Studio

Josh Kossman, Guitar, Instructor at the Lesson Studio

Josh Kossman

As a musician it’s easy to say, but music truly is my favorite art form. It’s got it all; history, discipline, culture, emotion, as well as what I love best– the emphasis on live performance and fun. Music can be enjoyed alone, with friends or strangers, at any time of day, and on any continent in the world.

To me music is all about performance. Connecting with others through my personal dedication and discipline is a real high that I haven’t found anywhere else. It’s not only connecting with an audience that thrills me, it’s connecting with the other musicians I perform with that really gets me. Music is one of the great art forms that emphasizes collaboration. Much like theatre and dance, we musicians play off of one another and we would be lost without each other. One musician says a line or moves to their left in such a way that it inspires (calls) another to respond. I can’t limit this to the stage– the audience is also involved in this call-and-response process. I first wanted to play music because I went to a concert, and every concert I go to still has the same effect. It’s stimulating, educating, emancipating and regulating. It’s live music!

Maybe it’s because I can’t draw or act, I’m not savvy with computers, and can only cook things I like. Maybe it’s because I was thrust into music early and have had a great eighteen years of making music in a variety of contexts. But really, I think the reason I love music is because I’ve been fortunate to make music with a cornucopia of individuals possessing crazy personalities and insane talents. These individuals, without knowing it, have inspired me to continue on my own musical quests. I can’t stress enough how important performing music with others has been to my life and I don’t think I’d be so in love with music if it weren’t for my predecessors and colleagues.


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