The world is our stage…

by Garrett Smith, Voice and Piano Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Garrett Smith, Voice and Piano Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Garrett Smith

I want to talk about performance. Different stages, different levels of performance. Venues, degrees, heights, hysterical to barely audible. Divine to mundane. Terrifying and restrictive to freeing and natural. Red Rocks to the shower. The Met to the cab of your truck. Anytime you tap into that intimate place inside yourself where you encounter your muse and let it out, you are performing. For yourself, for the angels, for your family, to patrons, or to total strangers. To outwardly manifest the phenomena of organized sound, which we call music, you are to some degree performing, as you should. It is healthy to perform. It’s an exercise in letting go, in being natural, in being indeed totally yourself, a divine creature gifted with the capacity of producing combinations of beautiful sound.

We humans are not the only ones to appreciate beautiful sounds. I have two cats. One, Ash, loves to play my guitar (with his tongue, or teeth, or sometimes paws, but mostly his mouth.) Whenever I whistle, sing or play the piano, he’s right there rolling on the floor in utter bliss no matter how loud. The other, Mobius, is a bit more reserved, perhaps even offended by these noises uttering from my interaction with the physical world. The difference seems to be an appreciation of music. If you pay attention, you may notice just as in the Disney princess stories, the birds and squirrels and deer drawn to your music. Even if not such a fairytale scenario, one increases her/his magnetism through the practice and power of performance. People can see when someone is comfortable enough with themselves to allow the beauty of song and sound to move through them.

One of the ways to improve your performance level is to watch professionals of all sorts of genres. Good DJ’s, jam bands, pop stars, folk artists, bluegrass, family style-around-the-campfire, worship music, opera, musical theatre, indeed any theatre (the beats and timing of stage theatre and film for that matter are somewhat musical, for example looking at the cadence in Woody Allen’s dialogue, or Shakespeare) are all going to that place where music lives from different roads. I am involved (in fact starring as the title role) in an original musical comedy, “Casanova at Twilight” being premiered in a week. Written by Tony-award nominee, TV soap star of “All My Children,” and on and off-Broadway actor, Bill Mooney with original music by CU’s Hunter Ewen, this show is raucus, hilarious, and all about timing. You will see a cast of high caliber who have created these characters and this show through their various trainings to bring the audience and themselves the ups and downs that make life so exciting and, indeed, sexy. You can find tickets at (including $5 student tickets!) and we are playing two weekends. There is a free preview on Thursday, the 22nd if you can’t afford tickets, just mention Garrett Smith. I encourage you to come see our process of performance in this intimate space of the Atlas Multimedia Blackbox Theater, and experience what it does to you. Perhaps you will be inspired. Perhaps you will seek your own stage.




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