Paul Perry, Voice and Piano Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Paul Perry, Voice and Piano Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Paul Perry

Last night I went on a cleaning rampage in my apartment… It’s funny the things you think when cleaning.  I went for 5 hours without taking a sip of water and, perhaps I was slightly dehydrated, but I was the countless times the countless times (recently!) when my students come to lessons without water bottles.  Personally I feel lost and unprepared without one (no matter what I am doing).  It doesn’t matter what instrument you play, though singers probably feel the dehydration factor first.

 Here are just a few reasons why water is important to you!

1. Water makes up the majority of every cell in the body and makes up our tears, saliva, sweat, etc.,

2.  It is the largest part of our blood/ lymph systems, responsible for bringing food/oxygen to the cells and ultimately helps remove waste form the body as well

3.  It helps control the blood pressure by balances the electrolytes, can help provide trace minerals to the body and washes out toxins from our kidneys.

4. Water moisten the eyes, mouth, lips, throat, and nasal passages…this is HUGE for singers!

It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Of course if you are an  active person you need more than this.   Please, Drink more water!!  I know we all know this, but are you really doing it?  I was at the gym last week and realized I didn’t have my water bottle with me and was shocked when I looked about and realized NOBODY had a water bottle with them at the gym…in Boulder!   Carry a water bottle with you at all times. 

Peace! Paul P


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