Carrie Newcomer

Kristin Vredevoogd, Voice and Piano Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Kristin Vredevoogd

By Kristin Vredevoogd, Voice and Piano Instructor at The Lesson Studio

I had the wonderful opportunity this past Saturday to attend the concert of an artist I’ve recently been introduced to.  Carrie Newcomer is a Quaker folk singer, songwriter, and guitarist.  She has twelve albums out, the most recent one called Before and After.

Carrie Newcomer has a warm, relaxed, and smooth voice.  What truly impressed me about Carrie is the authenticity of her voice.  She’s putting herself out there, not at all trying to sound like anyone other than herself.

Carrie’s also an inspirational songwriter. Carrie also gave a writer’s workshop the afternoon of the concert.  I wish that I had the forethought to have gone to that.  Her concert and music definitely inspired me to do more songwriting of my own.

The subjects of her songs are about every day joys and challenges we all face.  Her music is very natural, flows beautifully, and is easy to relate to.  At the concert I bought her album titled The Gathering of Spirits.  The track I’ll Go Too is my favorite.

I had the opportunity to speak to Carrie after the concert.  What an approachable and genuine person.  I look forward to listening to and collecting all of her c.d.’s.

If you’re looking for a refreshing sound and a new artist, I recommend Carrie Newcomer.  Check out her website at to listen to some of her music, find lyrics and choral arrangements of some of her songs, and to see her travel and workshop schedule.


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