Instructor – Liz Comninellis

Liz Comninellis, Voice, Piano and Composition Instructor at The  Lesson Studio

Liz Comninellis

By Elizabeth Gold, Correspondent of The Lesson Studio

When Liz started music lessons at age five, she did as she was told but not because her heart was in it.  She recalls a mild interest in learning to sing and play piano but the majority of her focus came from the drive to fulfill her parents wish that they’d stuck it out as children.

Instead, the establishing moment in Liz’s musical career came about in the fifth grade when a friend who had convinced her to sing together in a talent show freaked out as the curtain went up.

“I decided to just go for it myself,” she says, with a just-do-it attitude.  The glue that sealed the deal was when the mother of a boy she admired from afar called her parents and applauded her performance.  It’s one thing to enjoy doing something but it sometimes means a whole lot more when someone else notices how well you do it.  Especially if that someone is the mother of a crush.

A lot of what Liz uses to inspire her voice, piano and composition students comes from what she didn’t get from teachers early on.  For example, her childhood piano teacher stopped her every time she made a mistake.  “I never got to feel passionate because I didn’t get to the part in the music where I was good.”

Knowing first-hand the damage that comes from shining more light on challenges rather than on successes, Liz encourages her students to go all the way to the end of a piece they’re working on in the lesson.  She then asks them to point out where they’re having trouble.

In her early teenage years, Liz literally found her voice through a teacher who took her aside and said, ‘You’ve got something – let’s develop it.’

“I looked up to her and wanted to be like her,” she says.  “She was the only adult role model I had that really invested in me.”  And that’s what Liz brings to students at The Lesson Studio – an encouraging, knowledgeable music teacher who’s focused on bringing out the best in them.


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