Colorado Flute Association’s 2010 Flute Day with Jill Felber

By Hollie Bennett, Intern at The Lesson Studio

This year’s flute fair with the Colorado Flute Association was a Saturday full of fun flute activities and amazing performances by local flutists in the area. The day began with a warm-up class run by Ysmael Reyes, a local private flute instructor, performer and recent DMA graduate of the University of Colorado. He taught his warm up fundamentals and really exposed the importance of cementing good playing habits from the moment a flutist brings their flute to their face at the very beginning of the day. Dividing routine into three basic areas (breath control, tone, and technique) he went through each showing different ways of developing each with examples from standard exercises books for the flute including Taffanel and Gaubert’s 17 Daily Exercises, Marcel Moyse’s Daily Exercises for the Flute and De La Sonorité, Robert Dick’s Tone Development Through Extended Techniques, and M.A. Reichert’s Seven Daily Exercises for the Flute.

After the warm-up class, there were several great performances beginning with those in the master class led by Jill Felber, professor of flute at University of California at Santa Barbara. It began with Syrinx by Claude Debussy played by Erin Miller, a senior at Douglas County High School and student of Jayne Copland. Then continued on to the fourth movement of the Undine Sonata, Op. 167 by Carl Reinecke played by Sasha Haft, undergraduate student of Christina Jennings at the University of Colorado. Followed by Three Preludes by Robert Muczynski played by Andrew Steward, student of Pam Endsley, and finally, Voice for solo flute by Toru Takemitsu played by Cobus DuToit, graduate student of Christina Jennings at the University of Colorado. Ms. Felber’s charismatic teaching helped each performer learn even more about their and refine their musical ideas. Following the master class was a wonderful Flute Choir concert featuring Boulder Suzuki Flutes, Colorado State University’s Flute Choir, and Longs Peak Flute Ensemble.

After these performances Ms. Felber led a workshop: Extreme Makeover – Flute Edition. this workshop covered topics that she covers in a six week course at her university in only an hour. Speeding through each exercise, Ms. Felber covered their importance and long term and short term benefits from practicing each. After the workshop, a flute choir reading session was run by Carolyn Keyes, graduate student of Christina Jennings and then to finish the day, a recital performed by Ms. Felber and pianist, Robert Koenig including pieces by Charles-Marie Widor, Albert Franz Doppler, and Shirish Korde.

Another Flute Day is coming up on April 24, 2010 at Mesa State College in Grand Junction with Rhonda Larson!


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