How to Take Care of Your Voice

By Paul Perry, Voice Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Paul Perry, Voice Instructor at The Lesson Studio

Paul Perry

As soon as spring break began I lost my voice and couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days.  As someone who teaches voice and yoga, this is no bueno.

So what to do?  The first thing you should do when you are sick (especially as a singer or someone who relies on the use of their voice-so almost everybody) is drink lots of water and sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.  Seriously, most of us do not get enough rest.   Our voice is quite small, delicate, and easily affected.  One thing I do is drink tea with honey, and I do not skimp on the honey…a good tablespoon per cup.  It is a natural lubricant and besides the natural healing properties, it tastes great.  I recommend anything herbal (with hibiscus and rose hips), or green, though I also love black teas.  When I am ill nothing is quite as comforting as Good Earth original tea…and eat what you can, Carrot Ginger soup or Pumpkin curry soup are two of my favorites when I am sick and they are easy on the throat.

So sleep, hydration, tea, honey, and soup, and your voice should be happier soon…


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