Rock That Flute!

Flute instructor Michael Gersten, The Lesson Studio

Michael Gersten, Flute Teacher

Unfortunately in today’s society the flute is many times thought of as a one-dimensional instrument. Unlike the saxophone, which is frequently seen in classical, jazz, and rock settings, the flute is usually only seen as being at home in a concert band or marching band. My advice for flute players (and any other musician) is to try playing different styles of music. This experimentation can benefit you in numerous ways, both musical and non-musical.
It’s not unheard of to have a flute player playing in a rock setting; the most famous example would be the band Jethro Tull. However, at various times groups from The Beatles to Ray Charles have used certain “classical only” instruments or even full orchestras in their music. Of course, the flute has always been a staple of latin jazz music. Anyone who has seen the movie “Anchorman” certainly remembers Will Ferrell’s character busting out some jazz flute.
My suggestion is to try incorporating your flute into whatever kind of music you enjoy. You can get together with a friend who plays guitar or piano and play your favorite song (you play the vocal line). There are tons of books out there with music of popular songs that you can use. Go explore your local music store or ask the people at The Lesson Studio for advice. If you’re into jazz or jam music, don’t let someone tell you the flute doesn’t belong; go for it!
Practicing can sometimes seem like a chore, but when you incorporate music you enjoy into your flute playing, you’ll find that you will start practicing and playing your flute more often without even realizing it. Also, when you get other people in on the fun, playing your flute can help cultivate friendships that go beyond playing music together. There’s a lot of great classical music out there for flute, and it should be studied, but don’t be afraid to get out there and rock that flute!

For more information about Michael Gersten or Boulder flute lessons, please call 303-543-3777 or visit The Lesson Studio online!


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