Gift Ideas for the Drummer

drum instructor Brian Loftus, The Lesson Studio

By Brian Loftus, Drum Instructor

It’s that time of year again and if you plan on giving your favorite drummer a gift for the holidays, this blog has some ideas to consider. If she or he needs a set of drums, there has never been a better time to invest in a kit. There are so many choices and options; it can be overwhelming when trying to decide on the right kit. Here are some tips I have for choosing the right drum kit:

Sizes of the drums themselves is the first thing to consider. Drums that are too big for the particular player’s size can be difficult to use, will affect overall comfort level and in turn have an effect on growth. The right sizes are critical and I suggest smaller sizes for most drummers as they are easier to control physically and tonally. For the aspiring performer, microphones can make small drums sound huge but cannot make big drums sound small. Also, smaller sized drums re-act (or play) faster, giving more rebound to the sticks. In essence, they’re bouncier, and much easier to play. Some examples of smaller size drums are: (Diameter x depth)

Kick                  16″ or 18″ x 16″

Rack Tom:       10″ x 8″

Floor:               14″ or 16″ x 14″

Snare:              13″ or 14″ x 5″ or 5.5″

 If he or she has drums already but would like to add to it, here are some other thoughts. A pair of quality hi hats and/or cymbals is an excellent choice when building a drum kit. All brands make levels of cymbals ranging from beginner level to professional levels, the latter being the most expensive and best quality of tone. Cheaper cymbals can be noisy and may secretly create a reluctance to play them, hindering growth while annoying everyone else!

A metronome is a great gift! All musicians should have one. A very effective tool in developing a good “sense of time”. Price ranges of metronomes vary from $20 or so to $100. I would suggest going cheap first.

Stick bags are sure to please. Sticks break, and a bag full of your favorite size stick is a comforting feeling. Be sure to include a pair of brushes in the drum bag as well.

Of course, your drummer friend may want to expand her or his knowledge of playing the drums, in which case purchasing a gift certificate package of drum lessons is a superb decision to please your drummer!

One more item every drummer I’ve ever met has is one Zildjian t-shirt!  Happy Holidays!

For more information about Boulder drum lessons or Brian Loftus, please call 303-543-3777 or contact us via e-mail.


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    Thanks for posting the link to your readers. Your ideas and experiences on this can surely of of great help to many. I admire great people with great minds and big hearts in spreading some good news about how amazing and wonderful music as well as music teaching can be. Keep up the good work and continue to share your bright thoughts and ideas, which I think are all useful to many music teachers, school administrators and even studio managers out there. Please also share more relevant studio management tips and resources – giving us more rooms for effectiveness and efficiency. Thanks again and see you around. Cheers!

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