Importance of Routines, by Mikee T

Today, I am going to talk about the importance of routines.

According to the Oxford American Dictionary:
routine |roōˈtēn|
a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program : I settled down into a routine of work and sleep | as a matter of routine a report will be sent to the director.
• a set sequence in a performance such as a dance or comedy act : he was trying to persuade her to have a tap routine in the play.
• Computing a sequence of instructions for performing a task that forms a program or a distinct part of one.
performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason : the principal insisted that this was just a routine annual drill.
• monotonous or tedious : we are set in our dull routine existence.
verb [ trans. ] rare
organize according to a routine : all had been routined with smoothness.

Everything in life works better with a routine. When you take your car in for routine maintenance, it runs better. When a toddler has a routine for bathing, eating, playing, etc, things go smoothly. If a soccer tam has a practice routine: run 3 miles, practice kicking, then run scrimmages. Practicing on your instrument should be treated the same way.

Set aside a time everyday, or at least five days a week, to practice. 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 4 hours. Whatever the amount of time is, just make sure you actually do it! Mornings work best. You have the best chance of completing your practice routine in the morning before you go to school, answer the phone, or turn on your computer. Once you “give in” to the day, your chances of practicing dwindle by the second unless you have a really strong will, or are required to practice. However, being required to practice associates a negative connotation to your instrument. It’s all about fun.

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