How Music Therapy Can Help You

What is Music Therapy? How Might It Help You?

By Faith Halverson, The Lesson Studio’s Music Therapist

Music has long been a part of human culture. Throughout history, philosophers and poets around the world have extolled the virtues of music upon overall well-being. Confucius said about music, “Music produces a kind of pleasure that human nature cannot do without.” Plato is quoted as saying, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow described music as being “the universal language of mankind.” Even Nihilist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche recognized the value of music when he said, “Without music, life would be an error.”

Perhaps you recognize the value of music for yourself and have favorite songs or bands. You might even know how to play a musical instrument. Or two. Or three…

Or maybe you used to play an instrument or sing, but somewhere along the way you were told that you weren’t “good enough,” or you simply lost interest in continuing formal study. Yet, deep inside you know yourself to be a musical being.

Maybe you have a child who communicates little, due to disability, traumatic experience(s), or as simply a part of their journey through adolescence. You notice that he or she responds strongly to music, and you long to share enjoyable, positive experiences with your child and seek to improve the lines of communication.

Perhaps someone you know- your parents or grandparents- have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia. You’d like to find ways to enjoy your time together, where you can positively experience who they are presently while learning more about who they were in the past.

Or maybe someone you love has died or is entering the end of life. You’re having a difficult time with your grief process, and talking isn’t enough.

If you recognize yourself in any of these situations, music therapy might be of interest to you.

Music therapy is the therapeutic use of music and its components (rhythm, timbre, melody, and harmony) to impact overall well-being and functioning. Music therapy is an established healthcare profession that utilizes the power of music to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of an individual in a safe and individually unique way. Music therapy utilizes both active and receptive musical activities, meaning that prior skill and experience is not required to benefit from music therapy.

Music therapy has been been found to:

  • promote wellness
  • manage stress
  • alleviate pain
  • assist in emotional expression
  • enhance memory
  • improve communication
  • promote physical rehabilitation

Music is unique in that it can transcend ability to capture the true expression of experience. As French poet Victor Hugo said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.”

Find out more about music therapy at: Faith Halverson-Ramos, Music Therapist, The Lesson Studio


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2 Responses to “How Music Therapy Can Help You”

  1. drtombibey Says:

    I am interested in songs that heal and posted about this subject on my blog today. Hope you will drop by.

  2. thelessonstudioblog Says:

    Thanks for checking out our blog on music therapy. Sounds like you have some great healing modalities of your own, but in case someone wants a formal dose of music therapy, send them to us. Thanks!

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