Drum Practice vs. Rehearsal

Our drum studio is headed up by drum instructor Brian Loftus. Brian comes to The Lesson Studio with an education from Berklee College of Music.  Brian has toured nationally and internationally and has performed with many different artists in various genres, such as:  John Lee Hooker, Babatunde Olatunji, Huey Lewis, Glen Frey, Nicollette Larson, Jojo Herman, Eric Lindell and many others.

Tonight, Brian and I had a discussion about the difference between practicing drums and having a band rehearsal. Practicing drums involves working on your sticking patterns and independence skills.  While doing that on your own, Brian advises to start at slow tempos and then work up to comfortable speeds.  Rehearsal, on the other hand, is putting all of these ideas together in a musical sense that works with what other folks around you are playing. When you are practicing, break it up and do stickings for ten minutes, phrases for ten minutes, and then put them together for ten minutes. Your half hour is up before you know it! Concentrating on dynamics is critical in the practice routine especially. Bottom line is:  Practice at home, and bring your skills to rehearsal. Want to know more? E-mail Brian at thelessonstudio@comcast.net.

To learn more about Brian’s teaching methods and philosophies, visit his bio at http://www.thelessonstudio.com/teachersinstructors/drums.html



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One Response to “Drum Practice vs. Rehearsal”

  1. moses oluwatobiloba Says:

    I fink I agree wif brian’s termnology abt practicing n rehearsing,bt I fink he can still make it more routed n deeper dan dat.

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